Our kittens are what dreams are made of!

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                                                      At Dreamkittens we strive to breed for quality Persians, not

                         quantity. We are located in Houston Texas. We offer kittens of

                         excellent quality and wonderful pedigrees.All of our cats and

                         kittens are CFA registered. We only use cats that are DNA PKD

                          tested and are negative for breeding. Our primary interest is of

                         breeding kittens of highest quality and health.

                        KITTENS AVAILABLE NOW!! 06/12/2014                                             I reserve the right of refusal in any  sale or purchase of any reserved kitten or cat

                                                                       pictured on this website at anytime without explanation

               INFORMATION about Teacup Persians: there is no such thing. Silver persians are

         being sold as "Teacup" because their size is usually smaller than that of other      

          persians. Our girls average between 5 lbs and 7lbs. Our boys average between

          8.3 lbs and 11lbs. This is normal sizes for silver persians.We do breed to work away

          from breeding smaller cats. People are on the internet trying to pass silvers off as

         "teacups" and charging ridiculous prices. There is no way to guarantee what size

         a kitten will be grown. You can estimate they will be small and they may grow up

         to be a big cat! "Teacup" is only a designer name created as a marketing game!